Sell Products Online Platforms Selection Advice for Newbies

E-commerce is doing away with the traditional trade, and within no time, it will be challenging to sell products without expanding online. With the number of e-commerce websites rising in India, it is needless to say that e-commerce has been made easy. With platforms like Shopify today, offering everyone an equal chance to run a successful online shop, it is only within a short time before anything can be bought online in India. If you are thinking about selling items online then here is what you need to know about sell products online platforms; Check out

The wrong e-commerce platform is destined to fail you

When choosing the right e-commerce platform, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, you need to declare if you want an online store that will expand or one which will not need any expansion. This is important because some e-commerce platforms will not allow your online store to diversify its inventory to suit the current demand.

These are known as none-scalable e-commerce platforms and usually the wrong choice if your dream is to own an online shop that is selling well in more than two countries. That is because they typically are built with limited features.

A scalable software usually is recommended even if you intend on running a small online enterprise. That is because, even if you have a few customers, your site will always be at its best. Know that you will also be able to come up with a fully customized management system that will allow you to run your business the best way you know.

Some developers are pure cons

So many people have fallen victim to con artists posing as e-commerce software developers. That is because they are quick to go for cheap platforms, yet most are known to have many limitations. That is the reason why any person, before starting an online shop, should do research even if they are capable of affording to employ people to manage the site. With an idea of what you are getting into, you can avoid many risks.

To be on the safe side, many people in India have found themselves using Shopify because they prefer working with a known brand that has led many online shops to success. Unless you are sure about a particular developer, it is risky to spend your money, and that is why Shopify even gives the users a 14 day free trial period to use the platform for free. After that, you can decide to subscribe or not.

Never consider migrating in the future

Since many people like testing the waters, many investors will begin by taking low-risk reasoning that they will upgrade depending on their trial. What they don’t know is that when migrating, they risk losing so much. Firstly, migrating to a new platform can make you lose your traffic, not forgetting your SEO ranking. That is since you have moved to new servers which can be compared to moving your mortar and brick store to a new location.

If you have to migrate in the future, you should instead go for a scalable platform like Shopify that will adjust to your needs and even allow you to customize your management system as you grow. In India, many online stores are migrating and hosting their online stores on Shopify. As risky as it sounds, know that there are ways of migrating safely only that it may cost you.

You can set up your shop in minutes depending on your platform

If you want to know another reason why many online stores in India are hosted on Shopify, it is because there are no skills required for anyone to start selling online. Know that Shopify also comes with pre-designed website themes that you can easily edit to design your online store. It is also good to know that through Oberlo, you can begin your online shop by drop shipping where you can sell items on behalf of manufacturers.

There is some e-commerce software that will require you to have web design skills before you can completely set up your shop. With Shopify, signing up for an account is all you need to do to begin creating your shop online.

Excellent security for your company and customers

Any e-commerce website is under threat of getting hacked. Know that millions of money are lost to hackers from e-commerce websites annually. You should also know that other than money, hackers can be malicious at times and will want to steal the information of your customers and create a false identity which can be used to commit other serious crimes online. Without finding the perfect host for your online shop, getting hacked is unavoidable.

Knowing the kind of risks your website can be exposed to, there are a few platforms including Shopify, which offer to host for their users. The reason why this is important is that getting hosted on Shopify’s servers puts you out of a lot of security risks. That is because these servers are built for e-commerce; hence, any weaknesses that can pose a threat to your online shop has already been taken care of.

When you have to find a separate host for your online site, you can quickly end up with the wrong one because most people are there to make money and don’t care much about your online shop. However, it is good to know that there are some genuine companies with reliable servers that can protect your online shop from any threats.


What many people don’t know is that the kind of e-commerce platform you choose determines everything as far as the future of your shop is concerned. That is why, when you get an underlying platform that is not scalable, you will be restricting your shop from serving you customers plus, it is going to cost you some more before you can regain your original status before the migration. Know that if you have to migrate, ensure that you already know how to do it.